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Twokin Consulting: Unusual major in Bicycle Design and Fabrication

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

What does the bicycle of the future look like? Designs vary and focus of lighter weight and futuristic designs. Additional ideas might come from graduates of Minnesota State College Southeast in Red Wing, Minnesota which offers a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree option in Cycle Design and Fabrication.

The program provides students a want hands-on experience in the development, testing, and production of the many components that make up a bicycle. As part of the 60-credit hour program, students study metal fabrication, 3D printing, mechanical design, and composites. The associated lab courses develop skills in welding, prototyping, CAD (computer aided drawing/design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing/machining). Twokin Consulting can affirm that all of these skills are applicable to wide range of careers outside of bicycle design.

At slightly less than $12,000, graduates are prepared for a career in bicycle manufacturing or any industry involving fabrication, manufacturing, and engineering technology. As Twokin Consulting has shared in other posts, creating a unique and niche program is an effective way to help enrollment and publicly for a school.

Twokin Consulting specializes in helping supporting colleges, universities, and nonprofits organizations new programs and opportunities.


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