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Twokin Consulting: Unusual college major in Popular Culture

Founded in 1973, the Department of Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University is a leader in the scholarly movement to investigate popular culture. They offer a Bachelor of Arts in Popular Culture focused on the aspects that national and international culture have on the majority of the population.

Specifically, a student majoring in the Bachelor of Arts in Popular Culture explores the impact that various aspects of popular culture (such as television, movies, rock music, popular books and magazines, sports, holidays, festivals, and folklore) have on our culture and how they reflect the values of our society. The 33-credit hour major prepares students to critically analyze television, popular music, literature, sports, amusement parks, movies, and cultural phenomena. Per Twokin Consulting’s review of the curriculum, it is flexible and allows a student to specialize in dozens of specific areas.

It is unclear the job prospects for graduates of the program. A ten-year old National Review article questions the value of this degree specialty. Given the program continues, one can assume students (undergraduates and graduates) benefit from the program and have found success. In cases where there is doubt, Twokin Consulting would suggest a school explore the financial P&L for an academic program that accounts for the direct (e.g., faculty, staff) costs and indirect costs (e.g., marketing, facilities).

Twokin Consulting specializes in helping support colleges, universities, and nonprofits organizations assess, review, and launch new programs and opportunities.


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