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Overview of the Twokin Consulting Pricing Model

Twokin Consulting will work with you to determine the best pricing and fee model for your situation:

Hourly model: Charging a fixed hourly rate model for work completed on your project.

Per project phase: A fixed project rate with a predetermined deliverable for the phases of the overall project. This approach allows flexibility should priorities shift or certain phases do not need to be completed.

Per project: A fixed project rate with predetermined deliverables. Anything outside of this project’s scope is billed at an hourly rate or as a separate agreement.

Per day: Charging a fixed price per day to allow a Twokin Consulting team member to focus an entire day on your effort.  

Retainer: Negotiate a retainer rate based on a specific number of deliverables or pre-paid consulting hours. 

Factors That Can Influence Twokin Consulting Pricing

The duration of the project: The length of the project can also impact the cost. A longer project may require a higher fee due to the additional time and resources required of Twokin Consulting.

The location of the project: Will the project be completed virtually or will the consulting team  members need to incur expenses to travel to your organization for planning, implementation, or presentations? 

Number of team members:  If multiple consulting team members are needed to work on the project, the price will be more to cover the additional resources and time requirements.

The complexity of the project: A more complex project may require a higher fee due to the additional time and resources required to complete it.

Demands for our consulting services.  If your project comes during a time in which Twokin cConsulting is in high demand, we potentially will use pricing to help prioritize efforts.

$895 Fixed-Price Academic Program Assessment

Twokin Consulting can create a custom program report to support your review and approval of a new degree program. Our Twokin Consulting Academic Program Assessment report Includes student demand analysis, job market analysis, competitor analysis, curriculum planning suggestions, and website and marketing suggestions.

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