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The Twokin Consulting Team is Here to Help

Supporting Twokin Consulting is a experienced team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in higher education, corporate, government, and nonprofits.  This diversity of experiences allows for more perspectives when exploring options, proposing innovative solutions, and supporting informed decisions.

Founder and Senior Consultant for Twokin Consulting

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Paul Savory, Ph.D.
Twokin Consulting

Paul's professional background includes a unique mix of academic, corporate, and consulting experience. His knowledge of higher education is vast and has included assessing and improving the key drivers influencing student engagement, persistence, retention, and graduation. His experience was gained through being an administrator and faculty member.

"My professional background in industrial engineering is focused on helping improve operations by exploring opportunities for making systems better, faster, and more efficient." - Paul Savory

He has had the privilege of serving as the Chief Academic Officer for three universities and a senior administrator at a fourth. In these roles, he has ensured enrollment, fiscal, and curricular expectations are achieved. His prior institutions have included a R1 research university, a healthcare-focused college, a liberal arts university, and a 100% online university. His broad experience has allowed him to develop strategies and support decisions for a range of university operations including academics, admissions, advancement, athletics, public relations, human resources, facilities, marketing, safety, student affairs, and information systems. A special focus has been in assessing, launching, and managing successful academic opportunities.  


As a faculty member, Paul rose through the academic ranks in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He received 16 different honors and recognitions for his teaching and service to students.

Outside of academics, Paul has worked as a data scientist for a Fortune 200 corporation to explore complex data and answer operational questions. His role was to evaluate data, complete “what if” assessments, and model/forecast/predict the impact for million-dollar decisions. He additionally has worked as a continuous improvement consultant to support management of nonprofits and corporations to implement solutions for achieving measurable improvements. A majority of efforts involved performing a root cause analysis and exploring business data to produce actionable insights.

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