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Twokin Consulting: Building student engagement with a passport program

This post is a continuation of a series of Twokin Consulting articles on how higher education institutions need to challenge the status quo using innovative ideas for reducing costs, increasing revenues, and improving campus operations.

Twokin Consulting Estimate of Implementation Difficulty


Twokin Consulting Estimate of Implementation Timeline

Medium Time Frame (6 months to 24 months)

Twokin Consulting Estimate of Direct Financial Impact


Twokin Consulting Estimate of Campus Controversy it will Generate

Will generally be seen as a positive

A quick innovation idea for student engagement. A key component for supporting student engagement and retention is that a student feel part of the campus community. Twokin Consulting would suggest you explore establishing a campus engagement passport. To earn a “stamp” in their passport, a student must meet different engagement requirements. A few examples include:

  • Attend a sporting event

  • Attend a speaker event

  • Attend an art show

  • Patriciate in a community service event

  • Attend a movie event

Participation can be volunteer or can be more encompassing and have minimum expectations for all student each term.

Trwokin Consulting as seen similar programs which have used a physical passport book, or even better, it is recorded electronically by scanning student identification cards at an event. Students who complete a certain number of events potentially earn a recognition or award (e.g., gift certificate to the bookstore, lunch with the dean).

Data showing students who attend only a minimal number (or zero) of campus events can help identify students at risk of not retaining.

Twokin Consulting specializes in helping supporting colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations in brainstorming strategies and ideas for improving operations.


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